Spanner in the works theatre company have worked with me at St.Gerard's school for many years. Our pupils all have special needs and some have emotional and behavioural problems and it can be difficult to find outside agencies who can invest in our pupils. Tricia has given freely of her time to host workshops with our teenage pupils, who can find life very difficult, and Tricia is not afraid to tackle any issue with the young people. At our school we have also had the pleasure of watching Tricia, Bernard and their troupe of fantastic young actors perform. A wonderful experience for all.

Kelly Murphy

Incredible play, Patricia manages to capture and put on stage the horror and reality of human trafficking. As a survivor of prostitution who witnessed trafficking first hand I never believed anyone could capture the pain & the power & control which can be inflicted by one person on other human beings. The relationships between the characters gave me goose bumps as they reminded me so much of the reality. I have seen the play a few times now, it is hard to see but it needs to be seen. The law is changing in Northern Ireland on 15th June, 2015, a great victory for humanity in Northern Ireland and I have no doubt that Patricia and the team have played a role it that happening. This profound production has contributed to an historic law change. Immensely proud to know Patricia and the actors.


Brilliant company! Trisha is fantastic when delivering workshops to young people as she really knows how to grab and sustain their interest. The company's production of 'Popping Candy' last year was excellent, presenting some very challenging issues in a hard hitting yet entertaining way!

Aideen McGee

Spanner In The works Theatre Company saves lives! All of their work makes a huge difference in every community and with every individual they work with. The team have worked with a family member of my own who has serious mental health issues. Last year she was detetiorating and now Spanner has given her the strength and ability to rebuild her life. Popping candy changed my life and opened my eyes to the realitys drugs and if it wasnt for this production i would not be in revovery now, I would be dead! Highly motivated and skilled company who I cannot thank enough.

Ryan McVeigh

Where do i start! I have seen most, if not all of the Spanner in the Works productions! They show a wide range of topics that most people shy away from. The company are great and do a fantastic Q & A with young people after the performances.

Jámes Wesley Neill

What we see and take for granted on a day to day basis in our communities isn't always the whole story, and Spanner in the Works productions often help to open our eyes to what's really happening around us. Tackling difficult issues and making sure that the stories they play out are accessible to all by ensuring that theatre doesn't just happen in theatres, but in community spaces across Northern Ireland to ensure the people who need to see their productions can see them. There is no way to put a price on this kind of experience and this is why Theatre and The Arts are so important in everyday life.

Elaine Duncan