Life Goes On

Michael is a young man with love in his heart and troubles on his mind. When Michael has a chance meeting with Christine at the local park, sparks fly and romance starts to blossom, but the course of true love never runs smoothly and especially not for Michael and Christine. Why is Michael’s mother Kathleen so dead-set against Michael and Christine getting together? Will true love win the day or will ‘a big secret’ keep these young lovers apart? 

Life Goes On? is an exciting and challenging new play written and directed by Patricia Downey of the Spanner in the Works Theatre Company which tackles in a witty, touching and sometimes sad way the often ‘secret’ issue of mental illness by exploring one person’s struggle to live a full and happy life with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. 

Life Goes On? has been commissioned by local mental health charity Mind Wise to help inform the public in an entertaining and moving way about the realities facing individuals living with a mental illness and their loved ones in Northern Ireland today whilst challenging many of the stereotypes and misconceptions those that have not been exposed to mental illness before sometimes hold. 

Life Goes On? Will make you laugh, cry and most of all think, it is a ‘must-see’ theatre experience for all ages.