Control Alt Delete

Written and Directed by Patricia Downey 

With the internet full of goblin cyber demons and trolls, do we really know who or what lies beyond the keyboard? 

The internet has become a fundamental part of our daily lives - we communicate via Facebook, Twitter, chatrooms and dating websites.  We use it to catch up with the latest TV shows and music releases. We play games, read the news, shop, and even bank online.  But how safe can we really be on the World Wide Web?

Dont feed the trolls. If you feed them, they grow. If you starve them, they wither up and die. Or do they? Join Calamity Jane, Optimus Prime and Queen Kong as they meet for the first time in a chat room where they navigate the darkest corners and complex tangles of the wonderful interwebControl Alt Delete is a funny and hard hitting play, but most of all, it is a reality check for us all.

Cont alt delete pic